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Top Coat Kits

Squeeg's top coat kits have no UV agent similar to the old DP epoxy from PPG. The idea behind the colors is a temporary coating before paint, so you can run it for a few years until you are ready for paint. When you are ready for paint, simply sand and do all of your paint work on top of it the same as you would over primer.  Most other suede top coats on the market are made from either urethane or enamel and should be stripped off before applying paint. The clear is designed to cover and seal porous or sanded metals for a natural metal look or to protect and retain the natural patina look that is so popular. Also, just like our primer, the unmixed components have an indefinite shelf life. Available in a quart kit that yields three sprayable quarts or a gallon kit that yields three sprayable gallons.

TCK Color Chart Final.png
Prop 65 1x4 Flat.jpg

Available in Gloss or Suede.



Quart Kit $99.89

Gallon Kit $396.89



Top Coat


Top Coat


NOTICE: Not legal for sale or use in CA, CT, DE, IL, IN, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA or VT. We cannot, under any circumstances, ship to these states.

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